C.O.R.E. Boot Camp

This high intensity, full-body, resistance training, group workout is designed to sculpt you from head to toe. Certified fitness expert, Ewunike Akpan will guide you through a variety of routines engaging your body weight, dumbbells and resistance bands to achieve maximum definition, strength and endurance. This one-hour, calorie burning class will provide fun, creative and challenging moves to keep you focused, empowered and constantly advancing towards your fitness goals.

WHEN: Monday and Wednesday’s 6:30pm – 7:30pm

WHERE: 6218 3rd St. NW (The Davis Center) Washington, DC

Ongoing enrollment for C.O.R.E. Boot Camp.  Register Here.

Prepaid Packages

C.O.R.E. Boot Camp “All-In” $140
– Eight (8) Classes Per Month Included
– Additional Classes Within the Month FREE
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10 Class Package – $180
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C.O.R.E. Boot Camp “Conditioning Base” $72
– Four (4) Classes Per Month Included
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20 Class Package – $320
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C.O.R.E. Boot Camp “Drop In” $20 per class
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30 Class Package – $450
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One-on-One Personal Training

Master trainer, Ewunike Akpan has demonstrated the best practices of exercise programming with clients of all fitness levels and abilities for the past 17 years. Her specialty is helping clients become proficient with functional movements, increasing strength, endurance and weight loss. She will customize each of your work-outs to address your specific fitness goals, athletic level and areas of physical activity interest. Each session builds on the previous one as you increase stamina, strength and flexibility. Ewunike is committed to your success and partners with you every step of the way to achieve your fitness goals.

60 minute Personal Training sessions

Transform: 24-sessions $1,560 ($65/session Save $312)

When you’re ready to dedicate the time and energy to build a strong fitness foundation and a higher level of wellness.
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Enhance: 18-sessions $1,260 ($70/session Save $144)

When your mission is to define your muscular development or continuing to achieving weight loss/gain.
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Galvanize: 10-sessions $750 ($75/session Save $30)

Designed for the client who is ready to get back into a regular fitness routine and with the help of LOTUS Fitness will develop an all new commitment to improve their endurance, strength and overall fitness ontop of an already existing foundation of fitness.
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Jump Start: 3-sessions $234 ($78/session)

When you work out regularly, have an active lifestyle and want to accelerate your fitness program but need some inspiration and a focused plan. LOTUS Fitness is here to help you get things back on track. Let’s GO!

  • Increased lean muscle mass
  • Reduced body fat
  • Increased athletic performance
  • Improved overall fitness and wellness

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