Fitness Training

Class Memberships



$140 / Month
$17.50 / Class

8 Classes per month
Free Fitness Assessment
Free Nutrition Consultation


Conditioning Base

$72 / Month
$18 / Class

 4 Classes per month


2 month AM Class


16 Classes
Sept 10 – Oct 31


10 Class Pass

$190 / Month
$19 / Class

Expires in 3 months


Saturday Only


All Saturday classes within a month


Drop-In Class

$20 / Class

C.O.R.E. BOOTCAMP - Group Training

The C.O.R.E. Boot Camp is a 60-minute indoor and outdoor group fitness program. Each class is designed to engage the entire body and build strength and flexibility for functional movements. A combination of resistance tools and body weight movements create intervals to improve endurance and develop strength. Classes are appropriate for all fitness levels and exercise experience.

Personal Training Packages



24 Sessions

$65 / Session

Save $312



18 Sessions

$70 / Session

Save $144



10 Sessions

$75 / Session

Save $30


Jump Start

3 Sessions

$78/ Session

One-on-One Personal Training

One-on-one personal training is at the heart of LOTUS Fitness. Providing clients with customized exercise and nutrition plans is only part of this service. The objective to help each client improve function, increase overall wellness, train and participate in specific fitness events and manage weight. Get ready for effective programming that will target, addresses and change your fitness goals.

Corporate Wellness + Customized Group Training

Corporate wellness doesn’t have to solely consist of health scans, gym memberships and reimbursements. LOTUS Fitness works with organizations to develop creative ways of cultivating a healthy office environment. Helping organizations to create a culture where employees choose to live a healthier lifestyle, rather than being forced to do so is the goal. Expect to work with passionate professionals who are committed to helping your staff and work community experience the overall benefits of wellness and your organization experience harmony and growth.