"This was a great opportunity for me to create a new relationship with my daughter and enjoy the beautiful country of Costa Rica which I had heard so much about"

CJ & Mecca

"It was wonderful connecting with a group of people I did not know prior to the trip. The excursions, restaurants, and activities enabled seeing the real culture and life in Costa Rica. This trip was a memorable experience"


"I would recommend this retreat particularly because self care is more than spending money on cosmetic things to pamper yourself"


"My favorite activity was the zip lining. It was something I had never done before. I received tremendous support from the group and it was a bonding activity for us. We cheered each other on"


"This was a great opportunity for me to create a new relationship with my daughter and enjoy the beautiful country of Costa Rica which I had heard so much about"


"Prior to going on the retreat I had never acknowledged how fitness and spirituality can mesh to be a really import part of self care. My takeaway was that ultimately my goal is to have elements of both fitness and spirituality in my self care regiment regularly "


"After participating in C.O.R.E. Boot Camp for just a few months, I have made it a priority in my weekly routine. I have noticed improvement in my strength, endurance, and overall wellness. Ewunike possesses a rare combination of skill, leadership, and enthusiasm. She is a true fitness professional."


"Our Trainer Ewunike really provides the personal attention i need to maximize my workouts".


"Love Ewunike, great personal training tailored to your goals and fitness level, with a push"!


“What a workout! I am always challenged to push past my comfort and physical level. The workouts are rigorous and they vary so you are never bored with the same routine.”


“Workouts with the Lotus Fitness C.O.R.E. Boot Camp community are the highlight of my week! Ewunike’s creative routines use minimal equipment so that we can replicate the activities at home, and she’s intentional about using time to warm up, stretch and cool down. What’s more, Ewunike is consistently punctual and well-prepared. C.O.R.E. Boot Camp is a gem to have in my neighborhood”!


“Ewunike is an amazing trainer...she helped me realize that I am stronger than I knew and challenged me to strive for strength and health and not focus solely on aesthetics. Thanks for teaching me how to work out properly, using my own body weight to build lean muscle. I didn’t think I had it in me.”


“I can always count on C.O.R.E. Boot Camp to challenge me! Thanks to this class, our awesome coach, and a group of supportive teammates, I feel stronger, have more muscle definition, and have increased my endurance. I hate ever missing a class”!


"Ewunike has a very warm spirit and level of patience necessary to get you to your ultimate goals. Her training style is versatile, incorporating cardio, weight training, calisthenics, plyometrics, HIT training, etc. I feel absolutely amazing after every session".


"Great class! Every muscle in my body gets worked. I’m getting stronger with planks and push-ups. Awesome team and instructor that ensures you get your maximum "potential" workout".


“Ewunike lives personal training for herself and for community--adults and children alike. She is passionate about her commitment to a healthy population, and she develops new fun fitness programs to achieve these goals”.