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lifestyle transformation

JANUARY 17, 2022





JANUARY 17, 2022



• tone up • get stronger
• feel energized

Hey friend! I’m Ewunike Akpan, but people call me “Coach E”.

I have 20+ years of experience helping people lose weight, get stronger, and improve their overall health with my ACE personal trainer and nutrition specialist certifications.

Over the years I’ve seen what my clients really need to succeed and what’s missing from other “fitness challenges” out there to create a comprehensive program that anyone can succeed in.

This is why I’m excited to bring all of that knowledge to you in this Lifestyle Transformation program so you can have the healthy and fit lifestyle you’ve always wanted but aren’t sure how to achieve.

Over the course of this 30 Day Transformation, I’ll help you achieve your fitness goals in just 30 minutes a day.

The 30 Day Lifestyle Transformation will:

30 minutes for 30 days:


What The Community Is Saying

Support = Success For Participants

"I feel like myself again! I'm stronger, have more energy, and fitting into clothes I haven't worn in years."
"The best part of the program for me was the consistency and having an accountability partner. I believe that's what makes working out last."

a message from "coach e"

Here’s the lowdown on everything you get with
the 30 Day Lifestyle Transformation

The goal of the program is to exercise every day for 30 days. But all you need is 30 minutes to get your daily workout in.

You get access to ALL of my training programs so you can fit exercise into YOUR schedule. I offer LIVE Boot Camp classes 5 X a week. And you will have access to hundreds of hours of workouts On-Demand. You’ll find intense HIIT workouts for the days you want to push yourself, and for the days you’re tired and need something slower, you’ll find slow-flow yoga sessions that help you improve flexibility and mobility.

Whether you’re a beginner or have some experience, you’ll have 30 days of workouts that invigorate and challenge you.

Nutrition is an essential part of your fit lifestyle which is why I’ve partnered with Vitabot to give you access to a premier and personalized nutrition program.

This nutrition app lets you choose from pre-made meal plans or create your own healthy diet based on your personal preferences. With the app, you can track all of your daily meals and snacks. You get details about how many calories you should eat and a breakdown of your macro and micro nutrients each day.

I’ve chosen this nutrition app because it uses your precise metrics to determine what the best meal program for your goals. There’s never any guesswork involved and it’s easy to finally know what to eat.

You will walk away from the 30 Day Lifestyle Transformation with enough knowledge that you’ll feel empowered and in control of your health and fitness. Here’s some of what you’ll learn in the program:

  • Proper form of bodyweight movements and free weight so you don’t risk injury.
  • How to train effectively to achieve results and never plateau.
  • New movements that require only body weight.
  • What foods to eat to achieve your goals while improving your health and overall body composition.

Ongoing support is one of the pieces that set this program apart from others out there. When you sign up for most “challenges,” you get two weeks of workouts and little interaction with your actual coach.

This program isn’t like that. Because it’s really so much more than a “challenge”–it’s designed to be a transformation so you make meaningful progress and finally achieve the goals you’ve been trying to achieve for so long.

That’s why in this program you’ll get:

  • 1:1 workout session with me that includes goal setting and nutrition planning.
  • Regular check-ins from me so you stay on track with your exercise and nutrition plan.
  • Access to our exclusive Lifestyle Transformation Facebook Group–share your wins and get advice from others going through the same program you are.

So much of achieving your healthy and fit lifestyle comes down to having the right habits. But habits are hard to build when you do it alone. This program is designed so that after 30 days of support, you will have the habits and confidence to continue consistently working out.

You won’t just return to your former diet or lifestyle. You’ll know exactly what works for you and how to stay on track for the long run.

Tranformation Form




lean & tone



includes ACCESS

TO LOTUS FITNESS Nutrition app

The lotus fitness nutrition App Makes Healthy Eating Easy

The LOTUS FITNESS app provides your personalized daily meal plan, easy food logging and tracking, and tasty recipe options right on your computer, tablet or smart phone, all in one place. 

The lotus fitness nutrition app features


  • Create balanced meal plans & recipes.
  • Track macro and calories goals.
  • Intuitive food balancing algorithm.
  • Balanced nutrition… Your favorite foods.


  • Track daily habits and activity for serious results.
  • Create custom goals & challenges.
  • Receive optional text reminders to stay on track.


  • Collect and watch wellness videos.
  • Share and receive educational content.
  • Add pictures and video to your recipe collection.


  • Connect with your coach for motivation.
  • Share progress, recipes, and media.
  • Stay on track with 1-on-1 or group coaching.

So to recap - YOU GET

The 30 Day Lifestyle Transformation
starts January 17, 2022
so sign up now to reserve your spot!

ALL FOR $399

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Frequently Asked Questions

This program is for anyone who wants to make a real change in their health and fitness lifestyle.

Especially if you see yourself as a beginner in getting active.

You don’t have to be an athlete to exercise for 30 days, and you don’t have to have any prior experience working out. Because I will walk you through everything step-by-step so you’ll know exactly what to do.

All of my classes are designed so anyone of any level can show up and get a great workout that helps you improve from your personal fitness level.

So this program is for you if:

  • You want a healthier lifestyle
  • You want a community to help you reach your goals
  • You want to have more energy, consistent motivation & more results
  • You are ready to take your results to the NEXT LEVEL

To do the thirty-day challenge and get ALL the benefits, you want to exercise for 30 minutes every day.

But here’s the deal–there’s a lot more to staying active than just showing up for our classes together.

The goal of staying active every day is to build your consistency and confidence in being able to make movement a part of your lifestyle. That means the goal is to move every day–not to burn the most calories or do the most intense workout every day.

So during the 30-day program, there are so many ways to add movement to your day that don’t

While you follow my workouts 5 or 6 days a week, on your “rest” day you can do any number of 30-minute activities instead: take the dog for a walk instead, go swimming, do a light jog, go hiking, or do a slow-flow yoga class. Anything that gets you moving for 30 minutes every day counts as exercise.

When you’re busy it feels impossible to get any activity in every day. If you’ve got work and kids it can feel like there’s no time left over for yourself (I feel you).

But I’m here to help you get this critical time you need for yourself every day.

You’ll be able to get your daily exercise in no matter what keeps you busy because I’ll give you strategies and plans to work around your schedule.

I’ll help you figure out how to fit 30 minutes of exercise into your morning, evening, or any other time you have in your schedule to be active.

I know how many fitness challenges are out there claiming to be the secret solution to your health or fitness struggles.

But there’s nothing “secret” about what we’re doing in this program. It is not a magic pill to lose weight or get healthy because the truth is–those don’t exist.

This program is all based on the pieces required for success:

  • Support from an experienced coach
  • A network that cheers you on and keeps you motivated when you get tired
  • Personalized planning for exercise and nutrition so you get everything you need
  • A plan to keep you consistent because results only come when you repeat the same healthy habits over time

When you get through the Lifestyle Transformation you’ll have made a true transformation in your health and fitness habits because we set you up for true long-term success.

During every workout, I give progressions to make exercises easier or harder depending on your fitness level. So you never have to worry about feeling like you can’t keep up with a workout. 

I guarantee that keeping up will not be a problem for you because I make sure anyone can do my workouts and still get a good sweat on.

This program is designed for YOUR success based on my 20+ years coaching people who start right where you are now. I’m here to motivate and support you in achieving your personal goals with exercise and nutrition that’s backed by experience, research, and the best nutritional program available.

one last time - you get

The 30 Day Lifestyle Transformation
starts January 17, 2022
so sign up now to reserve your spot!

ALL FOR $399

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Friday, JANUARY 14, 2022



Copyright © 2021 Lotus Fitness. All rights reserved.

Copyright © 2021 Lotus Fitness.

All rights reserved.