LOTUS Fitness provides comprehensive solutions for focused, active engagement in physical activity, customized nutritional counseling and a supportive environment where all participants meet their fitness and wellness goals.

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Our Services

Group Training

The C.O.R.E. Boot Camp is a high intensity interval format of body weight and added resistance circuits for a full body, calorie burning and fun class. Each workout is designed to improve health, fitness, weight loss and athletic performance. This one-hour class will provide creative and challenging moves to keep you focused, empowered and constantly advancing towards your fitness goals.

Personal Training

Master trainer, Ewunike Akpan has demonstrated best practices of exercise programming and helped hundreds of clients of all fitness levels and abilities achieve their desired fitness and performance results for 17 years. Her specialty is helping clients become proficient with functional movements, increasing strength, endurance and weight loss.

Fitness and Wellness Retreats

Unplug from your busy daily life and recalibrate the mind and body through our immersive, week long, fitness and wellness retreats in Costa Rica. Each retreat offers different activities and takes place in a different part of the country from the others. These uniquely curated trips allow you to explore and recharge in a country rated the “Happiest Country on Earth” Support and nurture your wellness goals and travel dreams.

Training & Wellness Philosophy

LOTUS Fitness’s wellness philosophy is based on the concept that staying active through power movements that emulate everyday activities helps to Create Optimum Results and Energy which allows you to                                                Feel Better, Live Better and Look Better!

Regular exercise, healthy nutrition and the absence of disease or illness help to form the foundation of a complete state of wellness. LOTUS Fitness provides comprehensive solutions for focused, active engagement in physical activity, customized nutritional counseling and a community environment where all participants are supported to meet their fitness and wellness goals.


"Ewunike has a very warm spirit and level of patience necessary to get you to your ultimate goals. Her training style is versatile, incorporating cardio, weight training, calisthenics, plyometrics, HIT training, etc. I feel absolutely amazing after every session".


"Great class! Every muscle in my body gets worked. I’m getting stronger with planks and push-ups. Awesome team and instructor that ensures you get your maximum "potential" workout".


"Love Ewunike, great personal training tailored to your goals and fitness level, with a push"!




LOTUS Fitness provides exercise instruction, fitness program development and nutrition education for adults, children, and organizations that seek to improve wellness. Owner Ewunike Akpan is a fitness expert and activity enthusiast. She loves helping people experience the physical, mental and emotional benefits of being active.