You don’t need to know everything about how the body works before coming to a class. You just need to be willing to show up and do your best. LOTUS Fitness has you covered.  

Q: I Haven’t Worked Out In A Long Time. Can I Still Do The Workout?

A: Yes, you can do the work out. Modifications are shown for all exercises and you are encouraged to go at your own pace during class. This is YOUR workout, and LOTUS Fitness will help you get 100% out of it appropriate for you every class.

Q: If I Lift Weights, Will I Get Bigger Muscles?

A: The amount of weight you lift and how frequently are the biggest factors in muscle development. I your goal is to increase muscle strength and size, you will have to lift a significant amount of weight, consistently to increase muscle mass.

If your goal is to strengthen your muscles and develop definition, you can achieve this by lifting moderate to heavy weights 2-4 days a week.

Q: I have an injury or issue with (part of the body). Can I still do your workout?

A: Yes, please inform your instructor at the prior to the start of class about any injuries or areas of the body you have concern with so they can show you modifications and be mindful of your alignment and movement during class.

Q: What Do I Need For Class?

A: Water bottle, towel and a Can Do Attitude!